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What are High Fashion Nails?

High Fashion Press on Nails 


Is your lifestyle hectic and unable to commit to consistent nail appointments? 

Does your job or lifestyle not allow for nail enhancements but you have a special event coming up and wish you had your nails done? 

Do you enjoy nail art? 


Whichever of these you said yes to, we have your back! Our High Fashion nails will transform your nails into works of art! All of our sets are made to order, and because they are carefully hand painted, no two sets are alike. I mean, how neat is that?  Choose from our pre-selected designs, or let your imagination and creativity flow by selecting a personalized set. Upon receipt of your order, a sizing kit will be mailed out to you as we’ll need to record measurements for a more accurate fit. Once your measurements are recorded, we will then proceed with your design.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion.  If a faster turnaround time is needed, please contact us to further discuss is we’re able to accommodate.  


What are High Fashion Press-on Nails?  

Our press on nails are made with full coverage gel tips and hand painted using gel lacquers. Each set comes with everything needed for proper application and removal: 12 nails, 1 tube of nail glue, alcohol prep pad, disposable manicure kit, cuticle oil sample (scent picked at random), and an instructions card.  


How do you apply and remove press on nails? 

An instructions card along with a link to a how-to video is included in each kit. If you still need assistance, remember – we're only an email away! 


How long do they last? 

If you prep and apply your set correctly (also depending on your type of lifestyle) you can get up to 2.5 weeks of wear. How cool is that?!