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Why is cuticle oil important?

Our nails and cuticles are exposed daily to harsh soaps, chemicals, water, and more stripping them away from healthy oils.  We suggest using cuticle oil two times per day (minimum) - Ideally morning and evening before bed.  Consistency is key if you want to help restore cracked or dry cuticles. Aids in hangnail prevention and assists in regrowth.  Not to mention, your nails will look a lot healthier. With the wonderful blend of oils we thoughtfully use, your nails will definitely thank you! 


Can I use cuticle oil if I get my nails done? 

Ohh, you bet cha! As a matter of fact, we highly encourage it.  Cuticle oil will help keep your cuticles soft and hydrated, while keeping your nails flexible.  We’ll let you in on a little secret – In most cases, using cuticle oil will help prolong the life of your manicure and/or enhancement. Your nail tech will be so proud of you, and we will to. Oil those cuticles! 


How do I use cuticle oil? 

Glad you asked! This magic potion is liquid gold and a little goes a long way...we’re not exaggerating! Here is what we suggest: 

Dropper bottle: Apply a tiny drop to each cuticle. Using your fingers, in a circular motion, gently massage the oil in.  Repeat on all fingers. 

Brush Pen:  Give the pen a twist until you see the bristles look moist. Gently brush on oil onto every cuticle. In a circular motion, massage that baby in. 

Balm: Using a cotton swab or your fingertips (it’s really personal preference) rub the balm gently to pick up product and apply as mentioned before.  The warmth of your fingers will allow the balm to soften and penetrate. 


P.S. It doesn’t get any better than this 😉